riggles a rescue dog

Day 6 – “big boss lady”

Woke up this morning and i am sure I could still taste that chicken in my mouth bliss! Anyway on to more important matters today “big boss lady” (BBL) due to check me out and to discuss with Foster Family my progress and next steps. Luckily I had the sublime chicken for brunch so hey I am chilled & a happy bunny (sorry doggie) BOL. (Bark out Loud)

BBL came through gate I sniffed her out she had a cheery voice and calm manner I instantly felt at ease showing her my tummy for a rub which she was quite good at ( think she has done it before!) So we got off to a good start well, you know you get that funny feeling when someone is talking about you ? Yes I got that but it was ok lots of laughter and I got a positive vibe. Relief I just could have cracked this, next she showed Foster Family  how to teach me some new tricks like “here” and “lay down” and could not believe it with chicken?!?!?!?!?  wow wow – this is going to be a doddle come to me baby .

Now I hear I am going to get my own blog not quite sure if I get to eat it but it all sounded good.

So I am looking forward to trying these new tricks it could be hard for me but will try my best BOL

A very pleasant evening with friends from Norway and I charmed Mrs Norway who I get to meet again tomorrow she thinks I am the cutest thing! Although Mr Norway will be harder to crack he like a big Viking but I have faith…….. BOL

So ending my day with a smile on my face as think I am feeling more settled now and looking forward to more challenges tomorrow just hope there be chicken involved!